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> > This more of sounds like there is a discrepancy in internet
> > explorer 6 ? If
> > you don't have other versions/brands of browser than i.e. 6 in your
> > machine
> > Can you give the web page out so that i can try it with i.e. 5.5
> > and NS 6 ?
> > If it works in other browsers it is definitely something in i.e. 6
> > ...
> > 
> > Gurhan
> I believe the problem is that I'm using GET instead of POST to submit
> the form. Unfortunately, I chose to use GET at the "PREVIEW" stage of
> the process so that users can use the browser BACK button to make
> changes. 
> Now I get to decide whether size of the message in the textarea
> matters enough to rewrite the "PREVIEW" part of the process. It would
> be fairly simple to POST to a temporary table and then retrieve the
> posted data if the user wants to edit the text.
> The portion of the site I'm building is adapted from the "postcard"
> feature at and 
> John Hughes


You might want to consider submitting to the 'same' script so you can 
redisplay the posted data; set some sort of structure in your script 
that, say detects that the submit button has been pressed and act 

David Robley
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