Dear All,
I hope somebody can help me. I am new to PHP (I've used ASP for three
years:-( ) and I'm loving PHP and trying to get my work to convert but
I've coming across a error with mssql_query() explorer its just crashes
with a php.exe 'memory could not be read error'. I'm sure it a school
boy error from me but I'm just stuck, please help me code is......
$link = mssql_connect ("laptop", "sa", "elmwood");
print ("<br>LINK was $link");
$back = mssql_select_db ( "elmback",$link); 
print("<br>back was $back");
$query = "SELECT * FROM tblperson";
print("<br>query was $query");
$result = mssql_query($query,$link); //JUST CRASHES ON THIS LINE
$r = mssql_rows_affected ( $link);
print("<br>rows affected was $r");
$close =  mssql_close ($link);
print("<br>close was $close");
I run IIS4, NT4 (SP6a) and SQL 7 on the same machine as its my
development one, out of date maybe but you should see my clothes but PHP
was test downloaded a month ago - any ideas from a white knight?
best regards 

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