mssql_pconnect cannot be closed as you mentioned:

I am using this as well, calling MSSQL on a Windows box from PHP/Apache on Linux, and I am also getting some of the results you mentioned, although it behaves differently at different times so I'm sticking with it to tinker.

My advice would be to simply drop using mssql_pconnect and use mssql_connect. You don't gain much in the way of speed by using mssql_pconnect and I have seen several people come away with varied results. Your sys admin (or you if you do double duty) should be able to see if this is actually the case through SQL Server Enterprise Manager. It should show the calling server, the PHP version, and that the connections are sleeping.

Tim Evans wrote:

I've written a script that works perfectly for almost ten times, and then
stops being able to connect to the MSSQL server. I imagine this has
something to do with me not properly closing my connection, and the server
having a maximum # of connections.

I'm calling both mssql_free_result() and mssql_close() after every query.
I'm using mssql_pconnect.

I would include sample code, but it does this whether I use code ripped
right from examples and docs or I write it myself. It doesn't seem to
matter what database, or the type or amount of information I'm requesting.

Thanks for any help I get on this problem, it's driving me nuts.

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