mssql_close() doesnt do anything when you use mssql_pconnect as this is a persistant 
connection. If you want to close the connection after you've finnished with it you 
should use mssql_connect() instead.
Hope this helps

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Subject: [PHP-DB] MSSQL Problems

I've written a script that works perfectly for almost ten times, and then
stops being able to connect to the MSSQL server.  I imagine this has
something to do with me not properly closing my connection, and the server
having a maximum # of connections.

I'm calling both mssql_free_result() and mssql_close() after every query.
I'm using mssql_pconnect.

I would include sample code, but it does this whether I use code ripped
right from examples and docs or I write it myself.  It doesn't seem to
matter what database, or the type or amount of information I'm requesting.

Thanks for any help I get on this problem, it's driving me nuts.

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