> I'm still having problems with the mail function.
> I have installed PHP in a Windows 2000 test server. Is there something
> should do to allow this function to work. I am a complete newbie and
> installed with the default settings. I get a "Failed to connect Error
when I
> call the mail() function.
> // retrieve values
> $row = mysql_fetch_array($ret);
> $email = $row["email"];
> $title = $row["title"];
> $comments = $row["comments"];
> $title = $row["title"];
> mail($email, $title, $comments);

Mail is controlled by settings in the php.ini file.
Please post the [mail function] section (changing any confidential names
to protect the guilty).
Setup for Windows differs from *NIX - hence confusion in many
tutorials/books... this matter is frequently discussed - see archives.


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