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Lisi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> You can also add the following line to your code:
> $header = "From:  Your Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n";
> and write your mail statement like this:
> mail($email, $title, $comments, $header);
> You can just stick the variable $emailaddress into whichever variable is
> relevant - what was that for if not the from address?
> -Lisi
> >There is an item in your php.ini
> >sendmail_from string
> >Which "From:" mail address should be used in mail sent from PHP under
> >Windows.
> >
> >If you look at the docs for mail(), you'll see that there are
> >also examples of using the fourth argument to mail() for extra headers,
> >including the From: header. I am not sure whether using From: under
> >Windows works in lieu of the php.ini entry.
> >
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