From: "Chris MacKenzie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I've come across an interesting problem. I'm trying to retrieve some
> text data (in this case a question up to 400 chars), but each time I
> perform a select statement I only receive the first 255 chars.
> What's the go here, is this just another microsoft thing ?

Based on the paucity of data in your problem description I would
be inclined to trust the machine and ask what makes you think there
should be more than  'char(255)'  worth of characters to retrieve?

i.e., do you know the db.table.field in question is a column type meant
to hold the data you expect? You seem to be indicating a consistent
return of 255 when you ask for 400 - seems to be a clue about the
field specification.

More data::better answers.


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