now I rewrote my PHP-DB-Module using COM and ADO (OLEDB), it works well, 
the 255 Bytes limitation doesen't exist with this method, but uff it 
takes a lot of memory, after openening the db-connection, the 
php-process increases his memory usage with about 4 MB, this seems to be 
a problem of COM (big overhead). But on the oder hand, if microsoft 
propagates this as the only method to access MS SQL, then its a problem 
of those customers who uses microsoft products.


Michael Bretterklieber wrote:

> Hi,
> I ran into the same problem, but the problem I have is that I can't 
> switch to TEXT Datatype because MSSQL doesen't support SELECT DISTINCT 
> or GROUP BY on them. The Workaround:
> SELECT CAST (fieldxyz AS TEXT) FROM tabelle abc
> is not useful because we build db-independent apps.
> I tried to recompile the MSSQL-Extension with MSSQL-Server 2000 with 
> Service Pack 2 without success. I also changed the define DBMAXCHAR in 
> the file
> Programme/Microsoft SQL Server/80/Tools/DevTools/Include/sqlfront.h to 
> a higher value, but this does offcourse not affect precompiled libs 
> from Microsoft.
> At the moment I have no idea how to solve this? :-(
> ... but in the Query-Analyzer is a setting where you can define the 
> max data-length returned by a field on the fly, so there must be some 
> settings, or the Query Analyzer doesen't use this db-lib,
> bye,
> Chris Mackenzie wrote:
>> "Frank M. Kromann" wrote:
>> Many thanks Frank, changing from varchar to text did indeed fix the
>> problem.
>> On reflection, I do now remember reading about this on another mailing
>> list, it's a pitty my memory failed me when I needed it the most :-)
>>> The tool used to build the MSSQL extension for PHP (DB Library from 
>>> Microsoft) was created for  SQL Server 6.x and not updated with the 
>>> release of 7.x or 2000.
>>> In version 6.x the max length of char and varchar columns was 255 
>>> bytes, and that is what you are seeing when you try to select data 
>>> from char, nchar, varchar or nvarchar > columns defined to be longar 
>>> than 255 bytes. If you use the TEXT type you will not have this 
>>> limitation.
>>> - Frank
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I've come across an interesting problem. I'm trying to retrieve some
>>>> text data (in this case a question up to 400 chars), but each time I
>>>> perform a select statement I only receive the first 255 chars.
>>>> What's the go here, is this just another microsoft thing ?
>> -- 
>> Rgds,
>> Chris MacKenzie
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