It looks as if you may be using FORM with method=get.
If so try method=post to get the full data

Bob Parker

On Saturday 27 April 2002 20:35, you wrote:
> From: "Chris MacKenzie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > I've come across an interesting problem. I'm trying to retrieve some
> > text data (in this case a question up to 400 chars), but each time I
> > perform a select statement I only receive the first 255 chars.
> >
> > What's the go here, is this just another microsoft thing ?
> Based on the paucity of data in your problem description I would
> be inclined to trust the machine and ask what makes you think there
> should be more than  'char(255)'  worth of characters to retrieve?
> i.e., do you know the db.table.field in question is a column type meant
> to hold the data you expect? You seem to be indicating a consistent
> return of 255 when you ask for 400 - seems to be a clue about the
> field specification.
> More data::better answers.
> Pan

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