I don't use Access, but I believe an Access database to be just a file.
You're going to have to mount (through Samba) the share on the NT server
that contains the database file.  There's not a server that is taking
requests like an SQL server - you just open the file itself.

"Gerardo Morales" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a little problem.
> I must design a little system in a linux server, this should be in php.
> The system must read a  MS Access DB in a remote server (Win NT). After
> a single process the system must update a MySQL DB in the same server
> (Linux) and the Access DB.
> The current code works fine in the Linux server, so i can update the
> MySQL DB, but it doesn't connect with the NT server.
> When i tried to connect to it i have the following error.
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: odbc_connect() in
> /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/vox/loginAccess.inc on line 14
> I never developed  with ODBC DB, only with MySQL.
> I was searching about what could be the problem, but i don't found it.
> The code in liginAccess is the following:
> $dbaccess = array();
> $dbaccess["accessserver"]
> = "NT.server.ip.address";
> // Access server hostname
> $dbaccess["accessport"]
> = "";
> // Access server port
> $dbaccess["accessusername"]
> = "user";
> // username
> $dbaccess["accesspassword"]
> = "password";
> // password
> $dbaccess["defaultdb"]
> = "database";
> // database
> In the code above i tried to inser the remote server address, port etc,
> and the error codee is the same
> I hope you cant help me.
> I don't who else can i ask for it.
> Thanks in advanced

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