Write a simple web service.

Put a few PHP pages on the NT server, which take parameters, and return
results.  For example, create a function that takes a string (sql statement,
eg) as a parameter, and echos a comma delimited page (the resulting

Then, on the Linux/Unix box, use the HTTP methods to call the page, passing
the string and then parses the output.

I've done this with ASP to interact with some VB programs that some of our
remote sites use.  It works well.

"Anthony" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> That is not entirely what I'm trying to do.  What I need is for the NT
> server that is running ODBC to respond to remote requests from other
> servers or clients.  In other words, I need computer A to access
> database on computer B which is running ODBC.  Computer A does not have
> ODBC, I need computer a to be able to query against computer B as if it
> were a SQL server.  As far as I can tell, I can't make an NT server
> running ODBC respond to remote requests.  If I am wrong though, PLEASE
> let me know.  Thanks.
> Andrew Hill wrote:

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