You can certainly connect to a remote database using ODBC, it's simply a
case of configuring DSN's on your PHP server to use a local ODBC Driver
to connect to the remote database.  In the case of MS Access, OpenLink's
Multi-Tier ODBC Agent works quite well.  

This of course requires that the Linux instance of PHP has been built
with an ODBC Driver manager, such as --with-iodbc as per the HOWTO on

Gerardo, your problem might be no ODBC Driver Manager linked in, as well
as no local Driver/DSN.  Check the output of a phpinfo(); to see what
the state of your instance is with regards to ODBC.
Let me know if you have configuration questions.

Best regards,
Andrew Hill
Director of Technology Evangelism
OpenLink Software
Universal Data Access & Virtuoso Universal Server

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As far as I know, you can not connect to an ODBC source remotly.  If I 
could do this (make a NT server running ODBC look like a SQL server), it

would make the app I'm working on much easier to develop.  I have found 
a program called ODBCSocketServer, that will send and recieve ODBC 
requests via an XML stream.  This works ok, but is limited and difucult 
to work with.  At the current time it it incapable of sending over a 
secure port also.  If you happen to find a way to make the ODBC server 
take remote requests, please let me know (I will from then on refer to 
you as god).  Hope this helps.


Gerardo Morales wrote:

> I have a little problem.
> I must design a little system in a linux server, this should be in
> The system must read a  MS Access DB in a remote server (Win NT).
> a single process the system must update a MySQL DB in the same server 
> (Linux) and the Access DB.
> The current code works fine in the Linux server, so i can update the 
> MySQL DB, but it doesn't connect with the NT server.
> When i tried to connect to it i have the following error.
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: odbc_connect() in 
> /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/vox/ on line 14
> I never developed  with ODBC DB, only with MySQL.
> I was searching about what could be the problem, but i don't found it.
> The code in liginAccess is the following:
> $dbaccess = array();
> $dbaccess["accessserver"]     = "NT.server.ip.address";         // 
> Access server hostname
> $dbaccess["accessport"]         = "";             // Access server
> $dbaccess["accessusername"]     = "user";         // username
> $dbaccess["accesspassword"]     = "password";         // password
> $dbaccess["defaultdb"]         = "database";         // database
> In the code above i tried to inser the remote server address, port
> and the error codee is the same
> I hope you cant help me.
> I don't who else can i ask for it.
> Thanks in advanced

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