>From the mySQL Replication docs...

In Version 3.23.15, all of the tables and databases will be replicated.
Starting in Version 3.23.16, you can restrict replication to a set of databases
with replicate-do-db directives in `my.cnf' or just exclude a set of
databases with replicate-ignore-db.

Two-way replication is not supported yet.




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Subject: [PHP-DB] replication questions

> I think I understand how to set up replication but have a couple unanswered
> questions. I'm hoping the list can help.
> I have two servers with MySQL.  Each server currently has completely
> different databases, except for the standard mysql permissions database.
> Server 1 is in production and server 2 is basically a development box.  I
> would like to replicate server 1's databases to server 2 (in effect,
> creating a hot-swap), but then that would mean that server 2 not only has
> the production db's, but also the development db's.  My  question are:
> 1) Is that even possible to do?  Can a slave to a master also have
> additional db's on it that the master doesn't even know about?
> 2) If the answer to question one is yes, then what do you do regarding the
> mysql permissions db on the slave?
> BTW, I'm thinking that my setup perhaps has to be more along the following
> lines:
> The master contains all my db's, both production and development.  The
> production db's (as well as the development db's) would sit there in
> production on server 1, replicating all the data to server 2.  I would have
> to set the permissions for both production and development db's on server 1.
> Meanwhile, as the production server is sitting there and replicating all
> it's important data to the development box, I could still work on the
> development db's on the slave box (thereby not fooling around with the
> production box).
> The issue, as I see it, would be that the slave box's development db's would
> soon go out of synch with the development db's on the master (because I'd be
> inserting, updating, etc. records on the development db's on the slave and
> the master would never know).  I could set up two-way replication, but since
> I don't really care about the development db's being in synch on the master,
> why bother.  Does this make sense?
> Anyway, I hope I've made this clear enough for someone to jump with answers
> and comments.
> Jeff
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