Answer to your questions:

1. Yes they can have dbs that each other does not know about.
2. Follow the instructions on setting up replication in mysql docs.
They are easy to set up...

Regarding the development db's...they are development and they should be
on only one server.  Why would you want to replicate development server.
Replications is mostly used for production data.

Also just a heads up that you can do bi-directional
just need to do some work around on the mysql and server ends.  It is
fairly complex but I have done it with both mysql and postgresql.

Ray "BigDog" Hunter

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>From the mySQL Replication docs...

In Version 3.23.15, all of the tables and databases will be replicated.
Starting in Version 3.23.16, you can restrict replication to a set of
databases with replicate-do-db directives in `my.cnf' or just exclude a
set of databases with replicate-ignore-db.

Two-way replication is not supported yet.



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Subject: [PHP-DB] replication questions

> I think I understand how to set up replication but have a couple 
> unanswered questions. I'm hoping the list can help.
> I have two servers with MySQL.  Each server currently has completely 
> different databases, except for the standard mysql permissions 
> database. Server 1 is in production and server 2 is basically a 
> development box.  I would like to replicate server 1's databases to 
> server 2 (in effect, creating a hot-swap), but then that would mean 
> that server 2 not only has the production db's, but also the 
> development db's.  My  question are:
> 1) Is that even possible to do?  Can a slave to a master also have 
> additional db's on it that the master doesn't even know about?
> 2) If the answer to question one is yes, then what do you do regarding

> the mysql permissions db on the slave?
> BTW, I'm thinking that my setup perhaps has to be more along the 
> following
> lines:
> The master contains all my db's, both production and development.  The

> production db's (as well as the development db's) would sit there in 
> production on server 1, replicating all the data to server 2.  I would

> have to set the permissions for both production and development db's 
> on server 1.
> Meanwhile, as the production server is sitting there and replicating 
> all it's important data to the development box, I could still work on 
> the development db's on the slave box (thereby not fooling around with

> the production box).
> The issue, as I see it, would be that the slave box's development db's

> would soon go out of synch with the development db's on the master 
> (because I'd be inserting, updating, etc. records on the development 
> db's on the slave and the master would never know).  I could set up 
> two-way replication, but since I don't really care about the 
> development db's being in synch on the master, why bother.  Does this 
> make sense?
> Anyway, I hope I've made this clear enough for someone to jump with 
> answers and comments.
> Jeff
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