On Saturday 08 June 2002 20:52, Tony wrote:
> You are being picky on me, huh?

I'm sorry if you feel offended ...

> I stated my problem 3 emails ago, 

... but I delete mail from this list as soon as I've finished with them. As 
you have started a new thread one would naturally assume this is a new 
problem. Please don't expect people to remember dead threads.

> browser gives me error "attempt to load
> "MyPage's URL" failed".

> Could be because of execution timeout.
> I tried to set the time longer with no luck.
> If I put the flush() after each data, I get the first output only.
> But I need to update the database very often, and I don't want to do it by
> hands..

Have you tried tracking down where it is that the script fails? 

Either use echo() or error_log() at various points in the script to monitor 
what the program is doing. For example before starting the while-loops 
echo("Entering while loop") and inside the while-loop echo($counter), and 
when the loop terminates echo someting to that effect. This should at least 
tell you whether you have any infinite loops.

Another thing you can do is simplify the check for the prices. Your present 
method seems to be veru long-winded. I think a single preg_match() could 
replace the "while ($counter < $i)" loop.

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