I do appreciate your reply.
Yes, I've tried to track down the problem.
I comment-out the fopen() function and use echo to display the URL.
And it displays fine, so I did get the record from MySQL.
Then when I put the fopen() back, same problem appears.
I think it's probably because I have too much data to update at once, over a
hundred maybe?
Then it causes the PHP to timeout this script hence the error.
If I can't solve this on PHP, I'll have to find an alternative way to do

Tony S. Wu

> On Saturday 08 June 2002 20:52, Tony wrote:
>> You are being picky on me, huh?
> I'm sorry if you feel offended ...
>> I stated my problem 3 emails ago,
> ... but I delete mail from this list as soon as I've finished with them. As
> you have started a new thread one would naturally assume this is a new
> problem. Please don't expect people to remember dead threads.
>> browser gives me error "attempt to load
>> "MyPage's URL" failed".
>> Could be because of execution timeout.
>> I tried to set the time longer with no luck.
>> If I put the flush() after each data, I get the first output only.
>> But I need to update the database very often, and I don't want to do it by
>> hands..
> Have you tried tracking down where it is that the script fails?
> Either use echo() or error_log() at various points in the script to monitor
> what the program is doing. For example before starting the while-loops
> echo("Entering while loop") and inside the while-loop echo($counter), and
> when the loop terminates echo someting to that effect. This should at least
> tell you whether you have any infinite loops.
> Another thing you can do is simplify the check for the prices. Your present
> method seems to be veru long-winded. I think a single preg_match() could
> replace the "while ($counter < $i)" loop.

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