I finally got this auto-update script to work, thanks for your so many

Tony S. Wu 

Jason Wong at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> On Saturday 08 June 2002 21:34, Tony wrote:
>> I do appreciate your reply.
>> Yes, I've tried to track down the problem.
>> I comment-out the fopen() function and use echo to display the URL.
>> And it displays fine, so I did get the record from MySQL.
>> Then when I put the fopen() back, same problem appears.
> You did check that $buffer contains what you expect for each iteration of
> $final_result?
>> I think it's probably because I have too much data to update at once, over
>> a hundred maybe?
>> Then it causes the PHP to timeout this script hence the error.
> You can use set_time_limit(3000) inside a loop (probably the foreach) as each
> time it is used it will reset the max execution time to 3000secs.
> As I said before, see what's happening to the value of $counter. Or simplify
> that loop with a regular expression.

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