Banging my head against a wall with this !
Hope someone can help !

Using MySQL

Trying to list cities with events for that month
I've correctly (i think) formatted my date to a datetime style for MySQL
$month is there chosen one

$tosearch = date("Y-$month-d 00:00:00");

And then this is my inquiry -(although this just would be 60 days in advance
but it doesn't work)
And what I really want is just for that month ?
SO if its already 20th of the month it only looks a the next 11 days

SELECT distinct t_city_name,t_city_id_city, t_event_date
FROM t_city,t_zipcodecity,t_location,t_event
WHERE (t_city_id_city = t_zipcodecity_id_city)
AND (t_zipcodecity_zipcode = t_location_zipcode )
AND (t_location_sex = 2)
AND (t_location_id_location = t_event_id_location)
AND (t_event_date = (DATE_ADD('2002-07-03 00:00:00', INTERVAL 60 day)) )
ORDER by t_city_name

Can anyone help please

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