One thing I did find was to look at your php.ini file and see where the 
session.save_path=/tmp this is now pointing to your server /tmp not the 
apache directory anymore so you will either have to change the permissions 
on that folder so apache can write there or make a directory somewhere 
else and do the same.  That is how I got my sessions to work again and or 
court to make sure it is enabled.  As for the mulitple cookies that is 
still a somthing I have not been able to get to work.

When I posted it in the bugs. section of they said to use the cvs 
apache 2.0.4 version and it should work...but I am not in a position to 
put non-stable things in production.


Terry Romine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
07/03/2002 11:32 AM

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        Subject:        Re: [PHP-DB] cookies multiple pages

1) no, the commented
   setcookie("user_data","",time()+(3600));    // set for 6 weeks *24*7*6
                 I would move the *24*7*6 back into the (3600) to make it 
so. I just 
want to test for an hour

2) so maybe this is a problem with the server? I've been tearing my hair 
out because neither cookies nor sessions are acting the way that I have 
done them in the past on a different server.


On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 10:05 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Is this a issue with register _globals = off.  try referencing it with
> $_COOKIE['user_data'].
> Also isn't 3600 only an hour.  60secs * 60mins?  i think 6 weeks would
> be...  151200  60 * 60 * 42days
> does that work?
> Jeff

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