Martin Clifford wrote:
> The query you would need would be something along the lines of:
> SELECT show_name FROM table_of_shows WHERE show_name LIKE '%$keyword%'
> Learning the LIKE syntax is going to be the best help to you in this situation, I 
>believe ;o)
Thanx, I am already using 'Like' search but it doesnt seems to be 
helpful when more than one keywords are entered. If you have any 
solution, please send it to me.
Thanx again.

> Martin Clifford
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>>>>Dasmeet Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/18/02 03:57AM >>>
> I am developing a site which shows tv schedules online... 
> I want to add search to it.
> Basically i want to know how to full text search through all the tables 
> in database and i also want the name of table in result along with 
> it possible?
> Dasmeet

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