At 07:29 PM 7/18/2002 +0530, Dasmeet Singh wrote:
>Miles Thompson wrote:
>>What database is being used?
>>How is the target structured and are there indexes to use?
>>My concern with this approach, though I don't have a better one, is that 
>>it will be deathly slow as the database grows. I'd suggest a double check 
>>of the database documentation.
>>Just a couple of random thoughts - Miles Thompson
>>At 08:40 AM 7/18/2002 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>I break up the search words using a function and then build a query based
>>>on the search criteria.  If it is multiple words, I use REGEXP for the
>>>search.( I use a mysql database).  then when there are multiple searches
>>>you can format the query string like....
>>>SELECT show_name FROM table_of_shows WHERE show_name REGEXP
>>>using the LIKE you can do the same thing....using a function  to break up
>>>the query string...
>>>SELECT show_name FROM table_of_shows WHERE show_name like '%simpsons%' OR
>>>show_name like '%sienfeld%' etc....
>>>Hope this helps.
>>>                     Dasmeet Singh
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>>>                                          Subject:     Re: [PHP-DB] How 
>>> to use Full text search?
>>>                     07/18/2002
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>>>Martin Clifford wrote:
>>> > The query you would need would be something along the lines of:
>>> >
>>> > SELECT show_name FROM table_of_shows WHERE show_name LIKE '%$keyword%'
>>> >
>>> > Learning the LIKE syntax is going to be the best help to you in this
>>>situation, I believe ;o)
>>>Thanx, I am already using 'Like' search but it doesnt seems to be
>>>helpful when more than one keywords are entered. If you have any
>>>solution, please send it to me.
>>>Thanx again.
>>> >
>>> > Martin Clifford
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>>> >
>>> >>>>Dasmeet Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/18/02 03:57AM >>>
>>> >>>
>>> > I am developing a site which shows tv schedules online...
>>> > I want to add search to it.
>>> > Basically i want to know how to full text search through all the tables
>>> > in database and i also want the name of table in result along with
>>> > it possible?
>>> > Dasmeet
>>> >
>I am using MySQL. The database basically stores TV Programme Listings 
>which change every month. Therefore it will not grow. The database is just 
>under 1MB and is supposed to remain so in future too. I have a database 
>and all the channels have their own tables and channel name is the name of 
>table therefore i need the table name in result as well. I have heard of 
>'MySQL Full Text Search' and I thought that would give me better results 
>as they would be sorted by relevance. Presently I explode all the keywords 
>in search and use them with OR and do a %like% search but that doesnt give 
>desired results.
>Thx for any help.

Two things:

1. Have a look at  I 
think it would be worth a day or two of research on that feature.

2. Why have a separate table per channel? Add a channel column and have one 
large table, then you will have to execute only one query, rather than one 
per channel and you could return results ordered by channel. Should 
simplify updates as well.

Regards - Miles Thompson

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