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Martin Clifford "Martin Clifford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> You're trying to use double quotes, in which the variable is
> evaluated and the stored value is shown, right?  Try using single
> quotes.  For example, with $name = "Martin".
> echo "My name is $name.";
> OUTPUT:  My name is Martin.
> echo 'My name is $name.';
> OUTPUT:  My name is $name.
> It's interpreted literally, so you could store it in your database
> as such.  HTH
> Martin Clifford

Thank you, Martin, for your informative response.  If I understand
correctly what you're saying, it would work to do (in psuedo code
and reduce to simplest form):

        store_to_db(text = "My name is $name.")

The at runtime I could do:

        $name = 'Raquel'
        echo "My name is $name"
        OUTPUT:  My name is Raquel

Is that correct?  

What I'm trying to do is to create a web page where users can create
their own page text, store it into a database along with certain
available variables or functions, then display that page.

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