On Thursday 25 July 2002 05:11, Raquel Rice wrote:

> Thank you, Martin, for your informative response.  If I understand
> correctly what you're saying, it would work to do (in psuedo code
> and reduce to simplest form):
>       store_to_db(text = "My name is $name.")

Here $name will be evaluated and stored. Thus if $name was empty/not defined 
then it would store "My name is .". If $name was defined as eg. 'Tom', then 
text stored would be "My name is Tom.".

> The at runtime I could do:
>       get_from_db(text)

Would retrieve whatever you stored, ie:

My name is .


My name is Tom.

>       $name = 'Raquel'
>       echo "My name is $name"
>       OUTPUT:  My name is Raquel
> Is that correct?

Therefore it will not work.

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