Hello, i don't use the cgi version i compile php with --with-apache :o)
and the connection seem to be exist with netstat 
each time i use the web script, it reconnect and open a new tcp
and let the previous open  ...

See you


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> Nicolas,
> I believe the _pconnect functions all close connections if you close the
> script - they are most useful when you have multiple connections in a
> single page.
> Also, are you using the CGI version of PHP?  Pconnects are not
> persistent with this version.
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> From: Escuder Nicolas [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 11:09 AM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] obdc_pconnect problems
> Hello,
> i use php as not a cgi it is include in my apache
> my odbc is a custom odbc driver
> so i try to use odbc_pconnect, the first time it connect to the db i saw
> the connection tcp by netstat
> and the next time (on the next page) i reuse pconnect with the same db
> user pass and sql cursor but it open 
> a new connection, i see two connection with netstat ... and more
> connection if i go another page ...
> i don't understand why ...
> see you
> nicolas.
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