Escuder Nicolas wrote:
> Hello,
> i use php as not a cgi it is include in my apache
> my odbc is a custom odbc driver
> so i try to use odbc_pconnect, the first time it connect to the db i saw the 
>connection tcp by netstat
> and the next time (on the next page) i reuse pconnect with the same db user pass and 
>sql cursor but it open 
> a new connection, i see two connection with netstat ... and more connection if i go 
>another page ...
> i don't understand why ...
> see you
> nicolas.

I believe the reason is because the persistent connections are
per httpd process. As you navigate through you web site you
cannot control which httpd process the main server hands your
request off to. Eventually, all httpds will have a connection.


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