Op dinsdag 30 juli 2002 05:44, schreef Georgie Casey:
> So I've 2 questions
INSERT TABLE id values('');
leave it empty
> 1) Can the next auto_increment value be 'set' by a SQL query????

> 2) Can I get a SQL query to INSERT INTO the first 'hole' it finds in the ID
> column??
I don't think so. You can mark the row, when you delete it.
Make the field mark (or you a field you already have) b.e small int (1)
In stead of deleting, you insert empty values and set mark to 1

If you insert a row, you need a extra query:
SELECT id where mark=1 SORT BY id ASC
If no row found insert with id (see above) else use the  id found;
UPDATE TABLE SET i mark='0'............. WHERE id='$first_ID_with_mark_is_1'

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