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> rite,
> my primary key column ("id") is set to auto_increment as usual
> which is very
> handy. But when I delete a row, the auto_increment just keeps
> incrementing
> and there's this 'hole' left where I deleted the row!
> Apart from this looking ugly, it poses another problem. In my PHP
> script
> where I can add new rows, I query the table, checking how many
> rows in the
> table altogether and set the new id as the next number, but this
> doesnt work
> if theres 'holes' in the id field, as the new record tries to
> overwrite
> another id.
> So I've 2 questions
> 1) Can the next auto_increment value be 'set' by a SQL query????
> 2) Can I get a SQL query to INSERT INTO the first 'hole' it finds
> in the ID
> column??

Why do you want to create your own ID when one is created for you

If you want to know how many rows are in a table, you can use
"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table" (at least using MySQL).

If you need the ID of the last row inserted to be able to stick that
ID into another table, using PHP, try "mysql_insert_id()".

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