I've run into a sticky case where my query is failing (PHP4.x/MySQL).

I have a table where the price value is imported from an external 
source, so I can't change it on the fly, and they embed thousands 
seperators (in my case ','). When I try to do a query such as ".. where 
price <= '250000' .." if finds values that meet or exceed that value 
(returns some in the range of 2,500,000. I gather that it is failing 
because of the comma (the price field contains values of '2,500,000').

Is there a function that I can use to force the price format to integer 
before/during the query? Or would it work if I did a number_format on 
the test value? ie: '.. where price <= '200,000' ..'

Help would be appreciated.


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