First of all, sorry for the additional cross post. MeetUp.com lacks the
ability to let you contact other folks who have signed up. In my general
area, Massachusetts, there are a bunch of tiny groups scattered about,
and I'd like a chance to get all of them to converge in one place to make
the meetup worth it for all of us. I know there's only a few days before the
meetup is to take place, but if folks from the following areas could email
me, then we can try and work out somewhere we can all meet, instead of there
being 5 groups of 2 or 3 people.

Agreed Gabriel, meetup.com, while a nice idea, does not work well at all due
to the lack of contact information provided. But look what it may have

I encourage PHP developers to seek each other and form their own groups. But
even the PHP lists barely scratch the surface of developers who are out
there. Contact other computer users groups in your area and you may be
surprised at what pops-up.


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