Jay Blanchard wrote:
> Howdy all!
> Just wanted to remind everyone that sign-up for the PHP Meetup is still in
> progress at http://php.meetup.com . At latest count there are 289 folks
> signed up world-wide with the top 10 cities being;
> Washington DC (9 members)
> Toronto (9 members)
> Leeds, UK (8 members)
> London, England (8 members)
> Amsterdam (7 members)
> Melbourne (6 members)
> Atlanta (5 members)
> Oakland-Alameda, CA (5 members)
> Manhattan (below 42nd St) (5 members)
> Montréal (4 members)
> Why do something like this? Meet other developers, networking (you can never
> tell when you're going to need another pair of hands for a project),
> networking (you can never tell when someone is going to need to hire extra
> hands for a project), and networking (you get the idea). Sign up soon! There
> are thousands of PHP folks out there, spread the word.

First of all, sorry for the additional cross post. MeetUp.com lacks the 
ability to let you contact other folks who have signed up. In my general 
area, Massachusetts, there are a bunch of tiny groups scattered about, 
and I'd like a chance to get all of them to converge in one place to 
make the meetup worth it for all of us. I know there's only a few days 
before the meetup is to take place, but if folks from the following 
areas could email me, then we can try and work out somewhere we can all 
meet, instead of there being 5 groups of 2 or 3 people.

Boston, Ma
Hyannis, Ma
North Boston Suburbs
Springfield, Ma
Manchester, NH

(heck, even people in RI and CT who don't mind driving)

Meetup.com cancels meetups for groups less than 5 also, so I'd like to 
see if we can just get one or two big groups.

Also, anyone else in this area... I've been looking for user groups in 
the Massachusetts area, and the only one that did exist, was PHPUG New 
England, which doesn't seem to exist anymore. Anyone interested in 
getting one going around here?

Again, sorry for the cross post.

Gabriel Ricard

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