Well, the predictions have come true. In San Antonio only four folks signed
up for the meetup, and the event was cancelled with no way to get in touch
with the other local developers to make a go of it. Out of the 147 cities
listed only 15 had enough people for meetup.com to do their thing. A noble
idea, but ...

I want to encourage developers to farm PHP developer groups in their own
communities. Some may find that their community already has a users group (a
list is available at http://www.phpusergroups.org) although some of these
groups are not really groups at all, just people looking to form groups.

If you live in the San Antonio area I would be glad to be the
chief-wrangler-whats-in-charge for just such a group. Please contact me
directly. I am also working on a Texas PHP Developer Conference at the
beautiful T Bar M Resort & Conference Center in New Braunfels, Texas
sometime between January and April of 2003. I have begun contacting
potential speakers and hope to have people who wish to present papers at the
conference as well as do some other fun activities such as a high or low
ropes course, golf, tennis, etc. All suggestions and admonitions are
welcome. Everyone in Texas is invited to contact me so that I can dispurse
further information. Also, my contact at T Bar M says, "The more, the
cheaper ... " as discounts for larger groups are available. Heck, even if
you don't live in Texas but would be interested in attending drop me a line
and I'll keep you up to date.



Itís as bad as you think, and they are out to get you.

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