On Tuesday 27 August 2002 23:26, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I have some error checking routines for my web forms, and they are working
> great except for one
> field, a textarea field. I am using the following code, but it does not
> give an error when the field is
> empty:
> if (empty($feedback))
> {
> $errmsg .= "<font color='red'><li>You might want to enter some
> comments</li></font>\n";
> }

Presumably $errmsg is not appended to because empty($feedback) is FALSE. IOW 
$feedback is not empty, IOW $feedback contains something. What I'm getting at 
is when trying to debug some code, use a liberal dose of common-sense and 

Print it out to see what it contains. Most likely it's whitespace. To convince 
yourself that it does contain something use strlen().

> I use the same type of checking on input type="text" boxes and it works
> fine.
> Any ideas why it doesn't work on a textarea field?

What HTML code are you using to display the textarea field? Make sure there 
are no spaces and/or newlines in there.

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