I am using PHP 4.1 with the ODBC driver on MS Windows 2000, running IIS. I
am trying to submit a SQL statement with multiple outer joins to a MS Access
database. Does anyone know the syntax for creating such MULTIPLE outer
joins? As it is, my current SQL statement drops rows for which certain
columns have NULL values. Thanks, Bill.
My current, inner join syntax is:

$class_query = "SELECT sample.Sample, type.type_name, chon_class.class_name,
chon_group.groupname, brecciation.brec_type
FROM sample,type,chon_class,chon_group,brecciation

WHERE sample.type = type.type
AND sample.chon_class = chon_class.chon_class
AND sample.chon_group = chon_group.chon_group
AND sample.brecciation = brecciation.brecciation

AND sample.type=$met_type
AND chon_class.class_name LIKE '%$chondritic_class%'

ORDER BY chon_group.groupname,brecciation.brec_type";

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