why not simply store the server time at log in in the DB after a successful
log in together with the IP address; and at the next log in request perform
a SQL time difference comparison?

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> I am storing IP addresses in a database, but after an hour has passed I
> want to delete all the IP addresses from that database. I want to do
> this based on the server time. Example.. Someone comes to my web page, I
> store their IP address in my database. So now I write a PHP script that
> says if that IP returns to my page within an hour, they can't view my
> page. If they come back after an hour has passed they can view the
> contents of that page. but only after an hour has passed.
> Can anyone help me with the syntax or functions that will clear the
> database after an hour of waiting has passed?
> Is this possible? Any suggestions, logic or any help on this matter will
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
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