Mihail Bota" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> Yes, there are. There is a pretty good php code, called HTML Tree which
> can make trees, dynamically.

I did a search in the Php Manual...but did not understand what I was looking
I will look closer...Is this the link you were referring to.

> Regarding the coding itself...you can have a simple table that records who
> is ancestor of who. This is a solution. Another one, which is not so neat
> is to create a table with 5 columns...one per generation.
> Does this make sense?

I must only enter an animal once ...and I want to have users update the
database...sort of a DMOZ directory...with an editor/moderator approach for
the different breeds/animals.
I would like to have someone comment on whether the 2 tables mentioned would
suffice and what functions...or code would be better to apply.
Michael Koifler  sp?  in a book is purported to have a solution for
heirarchical display...but I am over budget now on this project so if any
one has seen this book and could help I would appreciate the code...until I
can afford the book.
see the tables in the original post below.

Russell Griechen

> On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Russell Griechen wrote:
> > I need to develop a tree-like pedigree of animals up to 5 generations.
> > I know there are other attributes to the animal; but do I need anyother
> > tables...assuming that I can develop all the code to generate these
> > ancestors.
> > I have developed a CSS positioning code that will place these results in
> > neat 5 generation tree.
> > Is there any other alternatives?
> >
> > Animal
> >   ID
> >   Name
> >
> > Foal
> >   ID
> >   SireID
> >   DamID

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