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> >I need to develop a tree-like pedigree of animals up to 5 generations.
> >I know there are other attributes to the animal; but do I need anyother
> >tables...assuming that I can develop all the code to generate these
> >ancestors.
> >Animal
> >   ID
> >   Name
> >
> >Foal
> >   ID
> >   SireID
> >   DamID
> Would it be any more difficult to make a self-referential table? Like So?
> If the information is unknown then the fields are blank otherwise the
> SireID and DamID point back to the ID of another record in the same table.
>          Animal
>            ID
>            Name
>            SireID
>            DamID
> I'm in the conceptual stage of a similar project for humans and this is
> approach I'm leaning towards. I'm planning on using something like this...
>          Person
>             ID
>             Name
>             MotherID
>             FatherID
>             SpouseID
> The reason I chose this is that even though a lot of the Mother, Father
> Spouse fields might be "blank wasted space" I figured I'd be doing joins
> the two tables (three in my case with the additional one for spouse) so
> often I'd be saving data storage space at the expense of data processing
> power creating the joins on the fly every time I needed them.
> Just a thought...
> Matt
> P.S. If anyone sees any "evil" inherent in my design I'd love to know...

This is an interesting idea,
The spouse category interests me...Somehow I need to add a Litter enrollment
table which would document the various litters...sires and dams and the
whelping date.
Lets compare progress...huh?

Russell Griechen

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