Hello all!  I am new to php and I am trying to update a mySQL table using
php v4.2.3 for Windows.  I am using the command:

mysql_query("insert into tblquotehits
(qoption,referer,browser,remoteaddr,dt) values

I have read the documentation and found some notes on the topic but none
seemed to solve my problem.  I have tried other variations of the command
such as inserting a semicolon at the end of the insert statement before the
closing double quotes.  All variables are defined and all columns are
actually columns in the table ... I have checked all of this.  I have also
returned the result to a variable and echoed it to the screen ... the result
printed is "Resource id #2".

This is driving me crazy as I know it must be something quite simple that I
am overlooking.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  TIA


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