do you have the persmissions set either for [EMAIL PROTECTED](which
would only work from or username@'%' (which would work for
that username from any host)


                    <chase@ck2000.       To:     [EMAIL PROTECTED]                  
                    biz>                 cc:                                           
                                         Subject:     [PHP-DB] Re: PHP/MySQL not 
available remotely...              
                    10:58 AM                                                           

Okay, it was suggested that I may not have my "register_globals" flagged to
"on" but I do.  I still can't seem to make any remote connect to the
Again, there are no errors, it just flat don't work.


"Chase" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I seem to have a bit of an issue with my PHP/MySQL settings...
> A basic PHP bit like <?php echo $REMOTE_ADDR; ?> works great on my
> webserver.  However, with any form of DB access the page just hangs... I
> don't get an error, but I don't get results either.  I also have
> phpMyAdmin-2.3.3 running.  I can access that from the server directly,
> if I try to get to it via any other machine I get NO results.
> I am running IIS 5 with PHP4 and MySQL v3.23.53-max.
> Suggestions?

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