Hi, I'm still new in PHP...,

I have some problem in using sleep() function.

Actually, I want to make a script that confirm the user to wait for 10
seconds before proceed to the next step. First the message "Please wait
for 10 seconds while we're processing your request..." will be shown to
user, then at the same time I want to delay the processing for 10
seconds with sleep() function.

This is my script :

print("Please wait for 10 seconds while we're processing your
request..."); sleep(10);
$query="insert into......"; 

But the result juz not like I wanted. The sleep runs before the message
shown up..., not before the query...  I think, sleep() is delayed a
whole script....both, the message and the query result are printed out
after 10 seconds... It makes me so confused....

How could I fix it ??? Please help me...


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