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> Actually, I want to make a script that confirm the user to wait for 10
> seconds before proceed to the next step. First the message "Please wait
> for 10 seconds while we're processing your request..." will be shown to
> user, then at the same time I want to delay the processing for 10
> seconds with sleep() function.

> <?php
> $i=0;
> set_time_limit(10);
> print("Please wait for 10 seconds while we're processing your
> request..."); sleep(10);
> $query="insert into......";
> .....etc.
> ?>

> How could I fix it ??? Please help me...

The flush() option recommended by some is not compatible with all user
agents.  Another way to do what you want is to have a separate page before
the "processing page".  Basically, have a page that says:

"Please wait for 10 seconds while processing your request..."

With either a meta refresh header or JavaScript, or just a link to the
processing script.  The processing script would contain:

Do query

The browser will continue to show your processing request page while waiting
for the processing finished page to show up, which will take at least 10
seconds because of the sleep(10) command.

Why do you want to sleep instead of giving the results to the user as soon
as they are ready?  Is it a security issue so the server doesn't get flooded
with automated requests?


Paul Burney


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