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> I dont know if this is possible in PHP (Newbie) im working on a project
> where each product has 3 diffierent prices depending on the amount sold so
> say for example 1- 100 price A 101-299 price B and above 300 Price C.
> I need to be able to do is increment an mysql database field each time an

=possibly an AUTO_INCREMENT field is what is needed here

> item is sold then look at that field to decide which price variable to
> to the price field of the database. Could someone point me in the right
> direction where I could solve this or to someone who could

=when you say "database" twice, can I assume you are talking about two
different tables?

=if the user has identified the product, then presumably (s)he has also
mentioned an order quantity. Thus the easiest thing to do is to query the
whole price row from the tbl and make the price-rate choice using your
program logic. However it would likely be more efficient to have MySQL do it
but to comment we would need to see the tbl schema.

=hope that gets you started,

PS: there are many tutorials available covering the PHP/MySQL combination.
Check with the product home sites and follow links to likely sources.

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