hi all,

I my querying two tables in mysql the first table I query returns a list of software 
that I have. 

Then I query a second table that show me what is installed on a computer. 

I would then like to be able to display the first list but with a tick next to 
software installed on a computer.

I have treid with making a function that reuten the full list of software but can not 
get it to to work function below.

function software_list(&$software) # Software is a word or it can be empty.


$db_search = "SELECT software_name 

FROM software_list 

WHERE software_name 

LIKE '".$software."%'";

$db_result = mysql_query($db_search);

$db_count = mysql_num_rows($db_result);

while($sw_result = mysql_fetch_array($db_result)){

$temp = $sw_result[software_name];

for($i=0;$i<count($temp); $i++){

$sw_list = $temp;


return $sw_list;



But when I go to print the return values in $sw_list all I get is my first value

so can I get a full list to be return. I have been trying to print it by using the 

for($i=0; $i<count(software_list($sw_list));$i++){

print software_list($sw_list);


If any one can help with the comparing of the two list and then display a tick next 
too any match that would be a great help too.

Thank you


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