1lt John W. Holmes wrote:

>> I don't know where the error lays, in php, mysql or red hat 8.
>> But, I can't get my databased php-apps to work.
>> I am trying to run:
>> apache_1.3.27
>> php-4.2.3
>> mysql-3.23.53
>> redhat 8.0
>> What happens is that apache and php work nicely, but my apps cannot
> connect
>> to mysql. In IRM I get can not connect to database, and in phpgroupware I
>> get the the thing up and running, but can't add anything to the tables.
>> E.g. I can't add a to-do even if the routine runs normally, nothing is
> added
>> in the db table.
>> I saw a suggestion on a mysql mail list suggesting symlinking mysql.sock
> to
>> /tmp but that does no difference.
> Can you connect to MySQL from the command line? With what user? 

mysql -u ADMIN -pADMINPW irm
mysql -u ADMIN -pADMINPW phpgroupware

both work (command line access). Setting the user in IRM as ADMIN and the 
password to ADMINPW I get "Cannot connect to database".
I once desperately thought I had forgotten to configure php --with-mysql so 
I recompiled. No improvement.

>Are you
> sure you are using a valid login and password in your programs?

Yes. I'll recheck though.

/Martin S.

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