> > I don't use RedHat, but I've heard (possibly here) that the RH PHP
> > RPM does not properly install MySQL support by default and that
> > there's something like php_mysql.rpm (or something similar) that
> > needs to be installed as well? Does any of that sound familiar to
> > anyone?
> >
> I've heard something like that as well, which is why I've compiled php and
> apache from source. Would compiling mysql from source as well help I
> wonder...

It seems like you'd get an "unknown function" error if PHP wasn't compiled
correctly with MySQL support, though.

Are you sure you're programs are connecting with the host you think they
are? Maybe they are trying to connect with user@computer_name and you've got
it set up as user@localhost in the mysql.user table??

Grasping at straws...

---John Holmes...

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