This benchmark do not help much in real life, if one care database

Database performance will vary a lot with configuration/schema/query/etc.
It's very easy to make one is better while another is not.

I suggest to take benchmark by yourself with schema and query that
is similar to production system. (Don't forget to test with large enough

BTW, is using PostgreSQL. It's one of the biggest web site
using PostgreSQL that I know of. (I mean system itself, not
database service available from MySQL was more suitable for sharing
database server with many users until PostgreSQL 7.3)

Yasuo Ohgaki

Boaz Yahav wrote:
This is why i was amazed to see this :

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I've worked with both extensively. My personal preference is PG. However, here are my findings over the years.

The biggest factor in performance is the size of the database, more than anything else. If you have a small and relatively simple RDB structure, MySQL is significantly faster. (this is changing however. PG has made some significant improvements in speed this last year, but MySQL is improving performance considerably with larger and more complex RDBs.)

PG has a much flatter performance line regardless of db size, whereas MySQL just gets much slower and slower as the db MB increases.

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