>From a strict database perspective, PostgreSQL has a bit more power than
MySQL.  In particular, support for transactions (and database integrity) is
very complete with PostgreSQL.  With that being the case, the disadvantage
would be with MySQL, not PostgreSQL.

In addition, Tim Purdue (sourceforge.net) has done some excellent work to
compare MySQL and PostgreSQL.  His investigation concluded that PostgreSQL
was not only stronger in terms of database features, but was also able to
completely outperform MySQL, particularly on complex queries.  In
particular, the main reason for this was due to MySQL's table-level locking
as compared to PostgreSQL's 'better than row level' locking.

In my personal experiences, I've used PostgreSQL a lot more than MySQL.
It's been rock solid underneath a survey and assessment application that
would bring MySQL to it's knees.  Most of my career has been spent with very
large databases, including Oracle and others.  For my work, I can quite
happily say I'll never have to suffer through Oracle again!

Good luck with the project!

William D. 'Diggy' Bell
DB Software Development

"Ellen Solomon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm starting a project for which the lead programmer wants to use
> postgresql. I'll be working in php. Any major disadvantages to
> postgresql over mysql, other than mysql seems to be more widespread?
> Ellen

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