Looks like is to do with MySQL permissions. Check your host's (the one you
are trying to connect from) permissions to the server.

To change permissions, from the MySQL prompt type;

GRANT ALL ON * TO username@host IDENTIFIED BY password;

Substitute in username, host and password for your ones.

Easier to use PHPMyAdmin or SQLYog (www.sqlyog.com) if you're new to it. I'm
pretty new, so learning all the time.

A couple of links to get you started;

Good luck,


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Sent: 13 February 2003 13:20
Subject: [PHP-DB] MySQL problem -- new to PHP

Hi all

I am new to PHP (just basically started yesterday). I am currently having a
problem connecting to a MySQL database.

My sample code is:

mysql_connect(localhost,"username","password") or die ("Unable to connect to
MySQL server.");
$db = mysql_select_db("DB_NAME") or die ("Unable to select requested

This throws the following error:

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Host 'my.host.name' is not allowed to
connect to this MySQL server

Now, the mySQL server and the web server reside on the same machine. This
warning is therefore saying that this machine does not have permission to
connect to itself. Hmm. I have put entries in the host table and the user
table, using both hostname and ip address, but no luck. I keep getting the
same error.

What am I doing wrong?

Any and all help appreciated.


Evan Morris
+27 11 792 2777 (tel)
+27 11 792 2711 (fax)

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