Check out
the ob_flush command.
You could put an animated gif like an hourglass with a please wait at the
beginning of your html output, perform an ob_flush command to put that info
out to the browser, then perform your sql.
After the sql finishes, output more information, or redirect to another page
that says it's done.

Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer will only start to display the
page after they have received 256 bytes of output, so you may need to send
extra whitespace before flushing to get those browsers to display the page. 

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Processing Page

Hi all,

Permit me to recive your valuable knowledge ,

We are working on a project where the backend churns data for about 1 Minute
(time out limit is  2 min) we would like 
to put a page like
during the database is busy doing its fine job. And also a sucess page
appears when the 
process is sucessfull.

Please if you have any idea how it can be done please let me 
Humble thanks in advance.
We are not using persist connection to postgresql
======= My Sys Looks as ==========
Red Hat 7.2 Kernel  2.4.7-10,
PHP 4.3.0,
GCC 3.02,
Apache 1.3.27 ,
Postgresql 7.3.2,
Intel arch i686    .


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