[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Aspire Something) writes:
> We are working on a project where the backend churns data for about
> 1 Minute (time out limit is 2 min) we would like to put a page like
> during the database is busy doing its fine job. And also a sucess
> page appears when the process is sucessfull.
> Please if you have any idea how it can be done please let me 

Since a client never can talk to a server with html pages this is
afaik not really possible. You'd have to use something like a java
applet, flash or something else that is able to talk to a server.

However, you could maybe work around it in some ways, I haven't tested
these, but I guess they should work to some extent:

1. Simple. Just make a page which reloads the "target" page after one
   minute. This, however, might be problematic if the work takes
   longer than one minute and would create needless waiting time if
   the work is processed quicker.

2. More or less the same as (1), but a little more sophisticated. Send
   a page that loads itself every five or ten seconds. For each
   reload, test if the work has been done, if not send the same page,
   otherwise, send a "success" page or whatever.

Others may have better solutions, and there could be problems with
these that I haven't thought of, but at least they're suggestions ;-)

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