I have seen an example using JavaScript where javascript commands are flushed every so 
often (from PHP) which indicates a status bar process. It was used to monitor 
mailouts. The javascript commands were simply telling an image to increase it's width. 
Of course you have to have a system where you can gauge percentages of things done. 
Alternatively, you could simply use same method (without image), and after db stuff is 
done, output a javascript redirect.

The above is probably confusing, but ask me if you need more explanation.


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Thanks every one ...

All the method you told me are static it does not look if the sql
being exec by php along with backend has finished its job . I only
wanted to
show the processig page till the time the query does it's work .

let me add here that the time for execution of the script here is
unpridictable and it is expected that it may vary according to the job
I cannot hardcode the refresh time .

V Kashyap

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